Monday, January 11, 2010

Versus What Are The Advantages Of A Turboprop Engine Versus A Turbine Jet Engine?

What are the advantages of a Turboprop engine versus a turbine jet engine? - versus

I noticed that even Bombardier turboprop aircraft. What is the advantage of turboprop aircraft, an aircraft engine turbine, like the 737?


Vincent G said...

A better fuel efficiency.
For short flights, lowest speed of a turboprop that can not be a problem, a flight of 10 minutes and not really important if you have at the airport 1 hour before departure.

David S said...

Propeller and the reaction has a big conceptual difference.
Propeller moves lots of air, but slowly
The plane moves a little air, but very fast.

Therefore propeller planes more efficiently at lower speeds, quieter, and by a happy accident of design, more fuel efficient.
The jets are much more effective for height, robust and provide more thrust and at high speed and are extremely inefficient at low altitudes.

a turboprop engine is the perfect combination of turbine-jet and propeller-piston.
It combines all the advantages of the propeller and the reaction step. Sometimes, the turbine actually produced to supplement the thrust of the propeller.
The support fits perfectly between the JET and the piston, and combines the best of both worlds. Thus, some aircraft, depending on the intended use (eg, short-range, regional, low capacity) is the turbine turboprop or piston engines. In addition, due to the nature of the helix (= pressure on the wing more lift,) a large number of displaced air, so that the launch of ADMIt airports, is exactly the type of this type of aircraft it operates.
Thus, the airplane is very effective and appropriate to a close, quiet, with a considerable altitude and cruise speed is also acceptable, about 300 kilometers per hour.
You do not need the high altitude and high speed, high thrust to offer a reaction because it does not make many short flights that do not emit a lot of passengers. In addition, equipment-intensive fuels to low altitude.
Turboprop aircraft are Dash8 series. Capacity of less than 100 They also provide RTA, which are small turbine jet ACFT. In addition, fewer than 100 seats, and offer an alternative to the airlines, which Dash8 for a fast, a little more distance and greater leakage of the acft.

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